DryTherm® Insulation System

The modern DryTherm® insulation system uses the SEMS® mounting system to mount thermal isolation and Strama panels panels. The insulation is made in dry method and allows the use of rock wool, polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Between thermal insulation and Strama panels panels are air gaps, which further improve the insulation properties of the system (the air is the best insulator) and ensure proper ventilation of the building and diffusion of water vapour through the walls. In addition, the chamber structure of Strama Panels provides excellent windproof and thermal insulation.

Advantages of the DryTherm® system:
  • The possibility of carrying out the insulation work even at air temperature below zero,
  • The insulation work can be performed in stages, i.e. the In multi-metre sections, which allows to significantly save on the cost of renting or buying scaffolding,
  • the fastening system is based on the high quality SEMS-KD spacings for excellent fastening on any substrate, avoiding additional costs,
  • related to the proper preparation of the substrate, such as plasting,
  • easy to keep clean – the facade can be washed with water and detergent.
DryTherm® Insulation System

1. Wall of the building.
2. Galvanized mounting rail SEMS-LM.
3. Distance spacer SEMS-KD or styrofoam fixing dowel.
4. Thermal insulation.
5. Strama panels.




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