Specification of Strama Panels:

Facade thickness (incl. mounting system)17 mm17 mm17 mm
Panel lengthmax. 2380 mmmax. 6700 mm1250 mm
Nominal panel / coverage width81/71 mm151/142 mm81/71 mm
Height / thicknesschamber panel 8 mm / chamber wall thickness 1,0 mm9,85 mm / 1,65 mmchamber panel 10 mm / chamber wall thickness 1,0 mm
Panel surface area per box4,60 m2According to order3,20 m2
Horizontal expansion gap3 + 3 mm on both panel ends6 + 6 mm on both panel ends3 mm between panels
Vertical expansion gap1 mm (forced by SEMS-LM)1 mm (forced by SEMS-LM)1 mm (forced by SEMS-LM)
Weight per 1 sq.m. (incl. the bearing structure)4,15 kg6,44 kg5,70 kg
Packaging weight (incl. the bearing structure)20,00 kgAccording to order18,75 kg
Package dimensions (l*w*h)2400 x 250 x 100 mmAccording to order1265 x 245 x 120 mm
Substrate materialPVCAluminiumPVC
Substrate colorsGreyAluminiumGrey
Face layerPanels are fully covered with multi-layered Renolit® EXOFOL coating films (series MX. PX and FX) with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base film. The film’s low surface tension keeps dirt away and makes the surface easy to clean.The surface is protected by anodizing in seven colors. Anodizing layer thickness of 20µm ±3µm prevents panels against corrosion and ensures color fastness.Rectangular panels of acrylic mortar sized 240 x 60mm; 1.5mm thick. It is a composition of acrylic resin, dyed quartz sand with an addition of biocidal agents, teflon and waxes that form a hydrophobic surface. The exposed part of the panel imitates cement.
Key features of the face layerRenolit® films imitate wood with a natural palette of colors with various embossing patterns. They can be modeled together with the panel and are resistant to weather conditions, fungi, mould, efflorescence and the entire sunlight spectrum.Natural metallic shine allows for achieving a whole palette of reflexes in harmony with the surroundings. Panel width is twice greater than that of the other panel collections. Resistant to weather conditions, fungi, mould, efflorescence and the entire sunlight spectrum.Rough imitation of clinker bricks that can be modeled together with the panel. Resistant to weather conditions, fungi, mould, efflorescence and the entire sunlight spectrum.
Available colorsAbout 100 designs palette from the Renolit®, Hornschuch and LG.Silver, olive, anthracite, champagne, golden, light golden; all colors with metallic shine. Powder coated in the colors from the RAL palette.Ivory, golden sand, brick red, dark brown, steel grey.
ModelingOutside and inside corners, ovals r > 40 cmAlu Design panels cannot be modeledOutside and inside corners, ovals r > 40 cm
Repair kitA bag of Renolit® film patchesNoneA container with dyed brick colored mortar
DryTherm option – SEMS-KDYesYesYes
Mounting rails SEMS-LM – material0,5 mm galvanized steel; rolled and die-cut0,5 mm galvanized steel; rolled and die-cut0,5 mm galvanized steel; rolled and die-cut
Mounting rails SEMS-LM – dimensions (made-to-measure strips)2280 x 30 x 6 mm2280 x 30 x 6 mm1205 x 30 x 6 mm
Finishing profile SEMS-JA (aluminium) – dimensions2380 x 30 x 17 mm5000 x 30 x 17 mm2380 x 30 x 17 mm
Finishing profile SEMS-JA (steel) – dimensions2000 x 30 x 17 mmNot applicable2000 x 30 x 17 mm
Connection with other STRAMA panel seriesYesYesYes
Necessary installation toolsSee installation instructionSee installation instructionSee installation instruction
Fire class(NRO), A2, s3, d0A1(NRO), A2, s3, d0
GuaranteeMX 10 years, PX 15 years, FX 15 years20 years5 years

DryTherm® Insulation System

The modern DryTherm® insulation system uses the SEMS® mounting system to mount thermal isolation and Strama panels panels. The insulation is made in dry method and allows the use of rock wool, polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Between thermal insulation and Strama panels panels are air gaps, which further improve the insulation properties of the system (the air is the best insulator) and ensure proper ventilation of the building and diffusion of water vapour through the walls. In addition, the chamber structure of Strama Panels provides excellent windproof and thermal insulation.

Advantages of the DryTherm® system:
  • The possibility of carrying out the insulation work even at air temperature below zero,
  • The insulation work can be performed in stages, i.e. the In multi-metre sections, which allows to significantly save on the cost of renting or buying scaffolding,
  • the fastening system is based on the high quality SEMS-KD spacings for excellent fastening on any substrate, avoiding additional costs,
  • related to the proper preparation of the substrate, such as plasting,
  • easy to keep clean – the facade can be washed with water and detergent.
DryTherm® Insulation System

1. Wall of the building.
2. Galvanized mounting rail SEMS-LM.
3. Distance spacer SEMS-KD or styrofoam fixing dowel.
4. Thermal insulation.
5. Strama panels.




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