– wide palette of patterns and colors, tailored to each facade

Description of STRAMA® balcony railings:

The Strama Panels balustrades are a unique solution because of the freedom of choice of color or the internal texture of the balustrade, regardless of the external appearance, often imposed by the building’s architecture. The two-sided balustrade Strama Panels is the opportunity to spend time on the balcony with the chosen interior railing side. The Strama Panels System also allows for an individuated arrangement of the balcony space, depending on the needs. Installation is quick and easy. Like all Strama Panels products. Click and done!
Strama Panels balustrades are made on a steel structure according to specified dimensions. Strama Panels representatives shall make appropriate measurements and carry out the supporting structure. Then the panels are arranged according to the selected pattern and color. You can choose the color of the veneer to the window color, or according to your preference. The whole is tailor made to suit your individual needs.

  • Production to size,
  • steel construction, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated
  • facade panels in window veneer or anodized aluminium panels
  • we offer about 100 designs palette from the Renolit®, Hornschuch and LG
Renolit Palette
  • Strama Panels Balconies
  • Strama Panels Balconies
  • Strama Panels Balconies
  • Strama Panels Balconies
  • Strama Panels Balconies
  • Strama Panels Balconies



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